Roadtripping to Ribe and watching Bieber touch himself

I am home. I sit on my dad’s balcony with a glass of wine in my hand. This is where I live now. My hair’s bleached almost pure white to get rid of the excess green. I have a job in telemarketing that I hate. My friends have been scattered around the country, making it harder to see them spontaneously, but like my family, they’re a lot closer now than they have been for the past few years. My plans to go back to school have been compromised by new laws, so I’m back to square one. Here I am, just trying to make a life for myself in a country that is home, yet seems so foreign to me after a long time on the road. I’m standing still, but constantly moving.


Animals, waterfalls and blackouts

Sydney, Australia: My life is so much fun and so expensive.

As Craig, Sharon and I went to see The Lion King in Melbourne last year and enjoyed it immensely, we excitedly buy tickets when we hear about the upcoming Aladdin musical in Sydney. We’ve been so lucky with all these favourite Disney classics of ours happening to be turned into musicals in whatever part of Australia we are.

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Gazza Dooza and Christmas in July

Sydney, Australia: things happen and then I EAT TURKEY.

Out of boredom, I’ve been on a bit of a Tinder roll lately, if you can call it that. At first I went on a few dates with Mathew, and then Matthew, and then I got the two of them mixed up.

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Shit I Do in Sydney: All of the Tourist Attractions, Wine and Lesbians

Sydney, Australia: Being a tourist in my own city, part two

In this blog post I go to the aquarium, wax museum, zoo and Sydney Tower. Then I go to to Sydney Morning Herald Cellar Door wine festival and celebrate Mardi Gras by going to a big gay pride parade.

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