All’s well that ends Welsh

Wales and England: Driving through the UK searching for a bottle opener.

2022’s been quite a year. In January I bought a house, which I moved into in May. At the beginning of the year I was also offered a position in a different team at work, which I accepted, and thus began six months of insanity that led me to taking several months of sick leave due to stress. That, paired with the process of buying and moving into my first house and having a lot on my plate socially over the summer took a great toll on my health. So I needed to get away, badly. Due to Aga’s work commitments, travelling wasn’t possible until September, and so here we are, going on the first and only trip I’m taking in 2022.

Perhaps it’s the calmness of the quaint villages and great landscapes of the Cotswolds that attracts me so much to the UK this year – God knows I need calmness. There is something cozy and romantic, even fairy tale-like about the waterfalls, rolling green hills, cobblestones and pubs that have outlived generations.


A last-minute roadtrip to remember

Slovenia, Italy and Slovakia: A backup trip full of backup trips.

As soon as I am back from my trip in Vienna, my trip to Malta the following day with Aga is cancelled due to covid. Malta has closed its borders. We spend a day planning a backup trip, and the next day I fly back to Vienna – this time, we’re driving to Slovenia.


Wine in Wien

Vienna and Hallstatt, Austria: When will you realize… Vienna waits for you?

It’s been a crazy year so far, with a pandemic shutting everything down, so when I got the chance to travel again, you know I took it. Ironically, in a time of isolation, I met an Irish guy that also loves to travel, so now I don’t have to go alone. Last year obviously proved that I can, but you know the old saying: “happiness isn’t real unless it is shared”.