My life list is the ultimate bucketlist, consisting of things I hope to accomplish in life. I am constantly finding new things to see and try, and sometimes I even check off some of my goals, ’cause I get shit done.

○ Travel to every continent in the world
● Run 10 km
○ Go to Disneyland
● Have a long distance road trip
● Live in a different country for more than four months
○ Be an extra in a movie
○ Visit an underwater museum
○ Go to a lantern festival
● Drink beer at Oktoberfest
○ Party in Las Vegas
○ See the Northern or Southern lights
 See a shooting star
○ Hike the Great Wall of China
● Visit a rainforest
● Go tubing
● Stand in front of the Taj Mahal
○ Bathe in the Blue Lagoon
● Go on a safari
● Climb the Eiffel Tower
● See the Colosseum
● Admire the view from La Sagrada Familia
○ Float in the Dead Sea
○ Visit Pompeii or Herculaneum
○ Drink Ayahuasca in Peru
○ See Machu Picchu
● Go whalewatching
○ See the pyramids
● Go to a vineyard
○ Dance at the carnival in Rio
● Participate in a gay pride parade
● Make my own gin
● Live by myself
○ Raise a child
● Learn how to cook traditional Danish food
● Cook Christmas dinner
○ Sew a wearable dress
○ Learn to play an instrument
○ Learn a new language
○ Have something published
○ Run a marathon
○ Dine at a Michelin star restaurant
● Volunteer
● Get a degree
● Sing (karaoke) in front of a crowd
○ Wear a wedding dress
● Go skinny dipping
○ Host a dinner party
● Shoot a gun
● Be bodypainted
○ Skydive
○ Participate in a flash mob
Swim with dolphins
● Ride a camel
● Ride an elephant
● Pet a lion or tiger
● Pet a monkey
● Hold a koala bear
● Hold a wombat
○ Hold a snake
○ Get in a shark cage
● Swim with sharks
○ Learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance
○ Learn the Thriller dance
● Go to a music festival
● Zipline
● See a shooting star
○ Sleep on the beach