16 things that happened in 2016

For the first time in several years, I haven’t been living out of a backpack. It seems so strange to me, having been in the same place for a whole year. I don’t like it. I do like having a closet for once, though.

Let’s face it, 2016 was kind of shit. We had to say goodbye to Harambe and George Michael, amongst other legends. Hate crimes, mass shootings and terrorist attacks happened pretty much every week. Brangelina broke up. So as sad as it is to sit down and reflect on this year for a pessimist like myself, it’s also a chance to remember that life ain’t all that bad.

For New Years Eve I have the privilege of celebrating with both Sharon and Tanya, so we all put on black dresses and Uber down to Coogee Bay Hotel, from where we can see the 9 PM fireworks. I manage to find a table, and it’s close to the bathroom and bar, which is a bonus. As midnight approaches, they close all the windows, making the bar a friggin’ sauna. We tie our hair up, drink loads of water and sweat like pigs. Not comfortable. No one in the bar does the countdown like we expected, so we kinda randomly notice on someones phone that it’s midnight, and someone starts crying and we all start kissing and hugging each other and express our overall appreciation for each other. And Tanya gets me a balloon.

Now, let’s get to the part where I sum up 16 things that happened in my life this year, and marvel at all my heavily-filtered iPhone pictures.

(If you want to read my previous year round-ups, check out 2014 and 2015!)

  • We celebrated one year in Australia

(link: One Year in Oz)

  • Tanya moved in

Thank you Bernie, for being such an ass that we had to get a new housemate. Than you again Bernie, for being such an ass and lying to Tanya about pretty much everything, otherwise she wouldn’t have moved in with us, and we wouldn’t have had so many drunken nights on the couch, or trips to see sculptures by the sea or waterless waterfalls (our recent trip to Manly was a bust). It’s just one of many examples of how something good can come from shitty situtions. And that’s really what 2016 has been about for me, in many ways.

  •  We went to a wine festival

Sharon and I spontaneously ended up at Sydney Cellar Door, where we tasted different wines from around NSW, stomped on grapes and loudly sang along to an acoustic performance of 500 Miles.
(link: Shit I Do In Sydney: All Of The Tourist Attractions, Wine And Lesbians)

  • We also went to the Mardi Gras Gay Pride Parade

Dressed up as a unicorn and an angel and bringing along Craig, we watched the Gay Pride Parade and got hammered while doing it. I was a hit with the kids, Craig was a hit with the gays.
(link: Shit I Do In Sydney: All Of The Tourist Attractions, Wine And Lesbians)

  • I went on a lot of looong walks

It was insanely therapeutic and beautiful, and for a hot minute, all that exercise made me look less like a beached whale. I even managed to reach 25 km, which was an awesome accomplishment.

The Gap

  • Pink Palace reunions!

I caught up with Flo from season 2012 and Hollie from season 2013 and there was a lot of drinking and Heads Up involved. Maybe even some feather boas, creepy married men and unicorn onesies. Unfortunately, there were a few Pink Palace Pals that I missed while they were visiting this year and I’m really sorry!
(link: Pink Palace Pals And A Unicorn Onesie)

  • There was a 90’s-themed Pyjama party and I went to it

Craig and I got on a crowded bus in PJs and slippers, walked through the CBD in PJs and slippers, partied with other people in PJs and slippers and then went home, only to go to Coles next morning in PJs and slippers. Oddly enough, we weren’t the slightest bit embarrassed.
(link: Nice Irish Girls And Stupid English Guys)

  • I did karaoke. Several times.

Now everyone in Randwick has heard my rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, and they’re welcome.
(links: Nice Irish Girls And Stupid English Guys and Gazza Dooza And Christmas In July)

  • I made gin

I finally made my own gin, Unicorn’s Blood. Turns out, it’s very easy to make if you have vodka and a few spices. The real work’s in the label.
(link: Animals, Waterfalls And Blackouts)

  • Finally saw my friends and family again

It was really great and really sad.
(link: Going Home And Then Going Home)

  • My sister graduated and my dad turned 50

  • We met baby Harri!

And I’ve called dibs.

  • I lost everything in a fire

Before I left for my first trip in 2014, I put most of my belongings in storage. A big fire destroyed pretty much everything I own, except for some of the souvenirs I’ve acquired on my trips, which was a huge relief. Is this the Universe’s way of telling me to just keep travelling, since I now officially don’t own shit?

  • Saw some awesome sunsets and sunrises

  • I did a Zombie Walk

I fulfilled an old dream of mine to dress up and act like a zombie and it did not disappoint. Once again Craig got all the attention.
(link: Zombies, Sunsets And Flying Solo)

  • I turned 25 and was covered in cinnamon

My friends went to great lengths to make sure I had the best 25th birthday – the best thing was when they tied me to a pole and tried to smother me with spices.

(link: Celebrating 25 Years Of Life And Inappropriate Behaviour)

Posing with some props that just happened to be one of my birthday presents.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of my year, for better and for worse. 2017, here I come!

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Australia Day

Luna Park

Bondi Icebergs pool

Aladdin, The Musical

Best burger. Ever.

Rare sighting of me on a bike

Curtis Stone is hilarious, y’all