Wine in Wien

Vienna and Hallstatt, Austria: When will you realize… Vienna waits for you?

It’s been a crazy year so far, with a pandemic shutting everything down, so when I got the chance to travel again, you know I took it. Ironically, in a time of isolation, I met an Irish guy that also loves to travel, so now I don’t have to go alone. Last year obviously proved that I can, but you know the old saying: “happiness isn’t real unless it is shared”.

Shit I Do in Sydney: All of the Tourist Attractions, Wine and Lesbians

Sydney, Australia: Being a tourist in my own city, part two

In this blog post I go to the aquarium, wax museum, zoo and Sydney Tower. Then I go to to Sydney Morning Herald Cellar Door wine festival and celebrate Mardi Gras by going to a big gay pride parade.

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