Shit I Do in Sydney: All of the Tourist Attractions, Wine and Lesbians

Sydney, Australia: Being a tourist in my own city, part two

In this blog post I go to the aquarium, wax museum, zoo and Sydney Tower. Then I go to to Sydney Morning Herald Cellar Door wine festival and celebrate Mardi Gras by going to a big gay pride parade.

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Shit I Do in Sydney: Straya Day, Luna Park and Bondi to Coogee Walk

Sydney, Australia: Being a tourist in my own city, part one

In this blog post I celebrate my first Australia Day, then I go to Luna Park and the Chinese Garden of Friendship. There are also a lot of pictures from the Bondi to Coogee coastalwalk, which I am obsessed with.

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Pink Palace Pals and a Unicorn Onesie

Sydney, Australia: I reunite with old friends and drink a lot, yet again.

Working at The Pink Palace has introcuded me to some of the most awesome people I have met to date. One of them is Flo from Germany. She has a blog, which you can read here if you understand German, that is. Hollie from Brizzy is another one of them, and she also happens to be a gifted writer (seriously, check out her blog).

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Hot in Hue

After a cute, traditional Water Puppet show in Hanoi, we get on the VIP train to Hue. Or should we say shit train.

Looks like she really enjoyed the show

13 hours later, we arrive at Hue City Hostel. A guy knocks on our door, thinking we are two Danish girls he has met earlier that day, which we obviously aren’t. We run into him at the restaurant next door for breakfast and decide we will take a walk around Imperial City with him and a German girl, Edda, who has a bad sunburn. Halfway there, her skin starts blistering, so she has to go back. The guy, whose name is Laurence, is about to catch a bus, so he can’t stay too long either. So basically we barely see anything but the outside of the war museum.

For dinner we go to Nina’s café, and I have the egg noodles with vegetables and mushrooms. SO delicious.

Wow, many yum, such delish, so food

The next day, we do a daytrip around Hue, where we meeta woman we were walking to on the train. We sail on the Perfume river, see tombs and temples, and check out the Purple Forbidden City. Exhausting, to say the least. Hue’s the warmest place I’ve ever been to. It’s constantly around 40 degrees, and the humidity!!! But it’s beautiful, and people are so kind here.


I’m really bored of uploading pictures, because honestly, they’re just buildings. But they’re so beautiful!