Birthday Trip To Belfast


Dublin, Drogheda and Belfast, Ireland: I turn 27, tarot cards predict my pregnancy and some girls threaten to beat me up.

So here I am again, a bit heartbroken and in need of adventure and the company of a good friend. Two weeks ago I buried my dad, and now it’s my birthday. It feels strange trying to be happy amidst it all. Luckily I have long ago invited myself to the motherland of my other mother, Miss Sharon D, to celebrate me turning 27. I grab my sportsbag and hop on two planes – seriously, why are there no direct flights for such a short trip? – and am greeted with a big, warm hug and a lovely present when I arrive in Dublin.

Road Trips and Renaissance Fairs

Dublin and Galway, Ireland: Dublin my alcohol blood levels with my pretty little Galway girls

It’s Aga’s birthday, which to her is an excuse to get out of the country for the weekend. Along with Terese and I, she decides on going to The Emerald Isle – that’s Ireland, in case you didn’t know that. This is perfect for so many reasons:

  • I get to cross another country off my bucket list
  • The scenery and architecture looks amazing
  • I like to get drunk, and so does the Irish
  • Sharon lives there